My steemit presantation

Steemit is a social network that rewards its users for posting and commenting and even upvoting other posts and comments !

People are earning on steemit up to $1000 and more from one post. 

You can be rewarded if you upvote posts and comments because the reward is divided between authors and curators. 


Steemit community consists of whales, dolphins and fishies. 

Whales joined the community in the beginning or they have a lot of steem power. 

 Dolphins are the active people on steemit who have at least 1000 steem power and they keep posting and they are in a good standing also. 

Fishies are new users who joined steemit and they earn few dollars from each post they make, if they do their best.  


Steemit reward is very clear and easy, we have three types of reward : 

1. Steem dollar that costs about $1 now, it’s the reward that we get from any post or comment we write. The amount is defined by the number and the weight of upvotes we have.
2. Steem power is the level of your qualification on steemit and it defines how much your upvote is worth. 
3. Steem is the main cryptocurrency of the website and you can convert your steem dollar and your steem power into steem. Steem costs a little bit more than steem dollar, about $1.3 at the moment.    


Steemit was launched in March 2016 and it has almost 300 thousand users on it. 

The rank of steemit is 2171 among the most visited websites in the world and 1422 among the most visited in the USA.

More than 10 million dollars were paid to all users from the beginning.


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