is the best social network that pays for posting and commenting. 

Just register and you will receive the password in a few days. The most important thing in steemit is to save your password in a safe place in order not to lose it because it's impossible to restore. 

Then start to post and comment people and you will be rewarded when people like your content. 

I personally have a big group on facebook with more than 19000 members where I help new people to grow on steemit : Steemit for Resteem Facebook Group ↕

You can also read the best tips given by me to grow on steemit : The best steemit tips for my dear followers and all steemit users !

Steemit pays with steem, it's a cryptocurrency that you can trade via bitcoin and then exchange it into any currency you like. 

To register a bitcoin wallet click here : 

Also if you want to exchange any money to bitcoins use this exchanger : BEST MONEY EXCHANGER 

This exchanger has also an amazing affiliate program, you can sign up there and earn money just by sharing your link or inviting people who do the same. 


  1. Nice site thx for opening it up to spray the word of Steem and Steemit :) keep it Up my Friend ,

    @clickbaster on Steemit ;) Seeya and Have Fun !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. When I first heard about steem I was thinking about yet another crypto currency. I was so wrong, is much more than that steemit is great platform that allows upcoming curators to find their audience and to earn some money. Big YES from me.

  4. Steemit is a way great to connect with targeted audiences and with all the crap on other platforms like facebook that censors everything and only promotes paid ads at this stage, Steemit is where is at.

  5. I have earned money that came directly to me from sharing my music. Steemit is made for artists, writers, and musicians. It can adapt to just about any business model. You do have to put in the work. It will pay off. Find me on Steemit @jgvinstl

  6. Steem is in my opinion the best crypto out there because transactions are fast (3 sec) and free. You can earn Steem blogging and curating on Steemit and that makes it a currency that you don't need to buy to get started.

  7. As a creative person, content creator, writer, and freelancer, Steemit is ideal to share what I create and earn an income from it. In six months on Steemit, sharing my content that I make, I earned more than I did from contracts.

    The best tip to new Steemians I'd say is introduce yourself to the community and be active in the comments for other people's posts. Not only will that person see your comment and potentially follow you back, but others will also see. You can earn from comments, sharing your own posts, and you also earn from upvoting (liking) other comments and posts.

    Steemit is definitely a great avenue for an additional source of revenue.

  8. Oh, and you can find me on Steemit as @BinkyProd if you like video games, silly things, fiction and fan-fiction, and on the more serious side of things, alternative healing.


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